Camp FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About Camp

We are so glad that you are considering attending on of our camps. 
This page is designed to help answer some of our Frequently Asked Questions about camp.
Feel free to contact us if you still have questions.

What if my camper has never been to an overnight camp before?

Many parents DO find it hard to imagine their child at overnight camp. Many time the parents are actually more anxious than their child is to be away at camp. But…if you can get over your own anxiety, then every indication is that your child will gain confidence and independence while being at camp. So, if you’ve never sent your child to overnight camp, but you’re willing to admit that it could be a very good thing, then the question becomes how to tell if she or he is ready.

The biggest question might just be, “Whose idea is it?” That doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to mention or discuss camp in any way until your child brings it up. It just means that after she has had a chance to learn about camp through a brochure, website, video, you can ask, “Would you like to go to camp?” If he/she says, “Yes,” then give it a go. If she says, “No,” then wait until next year. If the answer is “Maybe,” then here a definite thing to consider:

Has he/she had an overnight outing before at a friend or relative’s house? While it may be possible for a child to attend overnight camp without ever having stayed overnight anywhere, it’s probably not a good idea if his/her answer to whether or not he wants to go is “Maybe.” If they have not spent an overnight away, it would be a great idea to provide that opportunity before going to camp for the first time.

We think the best way for many first-time campers to attend overnight camp is to go with a friend. This can reduce their (and your) anxiety as they encounter new experiences, learn new skills together AND make new friends; together.

Can my camper request a roommate?

We have a specific question on each registration form where you have an opportunity to request a roommate for your camper. Will we do our best to accommodate your request. If we are unable to honor your request, we will be in touch with you before camp. Sometimes we are not able to house the campers in the came bedroom but are able to have the friends in the same cabin.

Are scholarships available?

We do our best to make camp affordable. Partial scholarships may be available based on financial need. If your camper needs scholarship assistance, we have made a form available to complete where you can make your request. You can complete that online form by clicking here. We do require that every camper pay the $50 required deposit when they register for camp.

I paid my initial deposit for camp. How do I make additional payments?

Answer goes here.. You can also make online payments by clicking on this link.

Feel free to contact us if you still have questions.